You’ve Got a Friend!

Whether you’re looking for heating oil or propane, a new heating or cooling system, a plumber, a repair job, a bathroom remodel – or that all-important 24-hour emergency service – you’ve come to the right place because at Fred’s Energy, you’ve got a friend! Your satisfaction is our number one priority and it’s a privilege to serve you. As a result, we take your needs very seriously. Our friendly and dedicated team is eager to help you get your project done efficiently and at a competitive price!

We’ve been proudly serving the heating, cooling, and plumbing needs of local communities since 1973. Our friendly, dependable and personalized service has helped us grow from a small shop with just two trucks, to four office locations with a staff of over 80 talented professionals and a fleet of utility vehicles. We value and respect our customers and are constantly evolving and investing in our employees, as well as in our equipment, to offer you an even greater range of services. Our product line continually increases, too, to offer innovative and convenient products to make your life easier for total, year-round comfort. We’re celebrating our 50th anniversary with events and specials all year long to thank you, our customers, for your continued business. As event dates get closer, we’ll be posting more details.


Get a better return on your investment!

Dealing with high heating bills? Invest your tax refund in a more efficient and reliable heating unit that will pay for itself in fuel cost savings. Enjoy a whole new level of comfort! Now through July 1, 2023, GET $200 OFF a new heating system installation from Fred’s Energy. Call to learn more  about how you can start enjoying a whole new level of comfort!


Customer Special:

It’s crucial to have your heating system cleaned and serviced annually by a professional to prevent buildup and check for wear.

Detect issues early on:
•  Soot buildup in the heat exchanger reduces efficiency
•  Cracks in the heat exchangers or flue pipes can lead to carbon monoxide leaks
•. Igniters wear off and get dirty, causing delayed or no ignition
•  Air filters could clog up, reducing air flow throughout the house, lowering efficiency, using extra fuel and costing you more
•  Not maintaining your system can void a manufacturer’s warranty.

Keep your system working safely and efficiently – schedule your cleaning today!

*Must be scheduled by 6/1/23. If you have a maintenance contract, this cleaning is already included in your service.



Trio Plus Air Purifier – for a healthy and happy new year!

Breathe easy, breathe deep, and breathe healthy with a Trio Plus air purifier and filtration system from Fred’s Energy! This remarkable, state-of-the-art portable system removes indoor air pollutants such as smoke, dust, pollen, pet dander, and even toxic gases from household products and cleaners. With true HEPA and carbon filtration, Pro Cell VOC reduction technology, and powerful UVC lamps, this exceptional air purifier also reduces mold, odors, and viruses with a 99.99% effective rate against coronavirus! Call your local Fred’s Energy office today to learn more.


Dear Valued Customers,

There is nothing more important to us than the safety and health of our customers, employees, and communities. We remain vigilant against COVID-19 and variants, and ask that anyone experiencing or displaying respiratory symptoms delay entering our offices until they feel better.

Please consider these alternate methods of contacting us or making payments:

  Call your local Fred’s Energy office. You can also text or email questions to [email protected]

 Mail your payment to your local Fred’s Energy office.

 Make your payment electronically on this site through your account. If you do not currently have an online account, call our office and we’ll be happy to help you set that up.

 Use the secure drop box located next to our front entrance at each office location. Your account balance will be updated online (please indicate and provide current contact information if you would also like a receipt emailed or texted to you).

Be safe and be well!