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Propane at Fred’s: Professional and friendly delivery, installation and maintenance

Propane is a safe, efficient, and cost-effective fuel choice for items inside and outside your home. It’s used in boilers, furnaces, radiant floors, tankless water heaters, fireplaces, clothes dryers, cooking appliances, patio and garage heaters, grills, fire pits, mosquito traps, generators and more.

Fred’s certified team of professionals can help you determine what your needs might be. Then we can show you how else you may be able to use this energy efficient fuel. In fact, We can help you identify the best above or underground tank solution, install your propane tank, and obtain the necessary permits to complete the job.

We have an experienced team of plumbers on hand. As a result, we are uniquely suited to complete all of the rigorous plumbing requirements and safety checks. Once you are up and running, Fred’s can handle your fuel delivery, service requirements, and any necessary repairs. Trust Fred’s for all of your propane needs, soup to nuts. Contact us today!