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At Fred’s Energy, we’re here to help you evaluate what your options are with a central vacuum system. Central vacuum systems help create a healthier living environment and provide many advantages over traditional vacuum cleaners including:

  • Effectively removing allergens such as pollen, mold spores and dust mites
  • Eliminating deeply embedded dirt, dust and debris
  • Eliminating dust particles in the air and that familiar, lingering vacuum smell
  • Quiet and easy operation
  • Increasing the resale value of your home

If you’re serious about creating a healthier living environment, then consider the VACUFLO Central Vacuum Systems featuring Cyclonic Filtration Technology® (CFT™), a unique filtration method that ensures maximum vacuum power. Unlike central vacuum systems that rely on permanent cloth filters, the powerful cleaning performance of VACUFLO will not decrease as dirt accumulates.

Both new and existing homes can be easily fitted with a central vacuum system for less than you think. It increases the resale value of your home and our professional installers can complete the job usually in less than one day. Makes a thoughtful gift, too!