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We face long winters in Northern Vermont. At Fred’s Energy, we understand that heating your home is one of your largest expenses. With rising petroleum costs, market volatility, and cold, long winter months, we have found that it is more critical than ever to offer a real, useful solution to our customers. We understand your need to stabilize your monthly bills and have peace of mind knowing how much you can expect to pay this upcoming season.

Fred’s Energy has created three “Peace of Mind” home heating budget plans, with a range of options that will best suit your fuel oil needs. Our team of specialists can help you decide which plan will work best for you, and makes the most sense for your specific budget.


The Cap Price Program

This provides an opportunity to protect customers against unexpected increases OR decreases in market conditions. The Cap Program creates a ceiling price that will not be exceeded no matter how high oil prices increase, but it also allows the price to decrease when oil prices decline. Customers must specify the amount of gallons they want to protect during the program selection process. This program is beneficial to customers when market conditions increase or decrease in one way or the other during the course of the heating season. In order for Fred’s Energy to secure the Cap Price for our customers, we are committed to purchase oil futures contracts, and oil options with our suppliers, thus the need to charge a price protection fee for this program.


The Fixed Price Program is a locked in price that does NOT go up or down with the market. While this program offers peace of mind because you know ahead of time what your price will be, this plan has some risk associated with it because, in the event that prices fall, your locked in price will not fall, and therefore, you will not be able to take advantage of the lower rate. If market prices rise, however, you will benefit from the lower rate.

Daily Market Price

The Float Price Program is a floating, or variable, price that changes with current market conditions. This program performs well when market conditions are stable or declining. Additional benefits to customers are that NO gallons need to be specified and there is NO enrollment fee. The Float Program does not perform well when oil prices increase dramatically.

Budget Payment Plans

The Cap, Fixed, and Float plans all allow you to also enroll in Fred’s Energy convenient payment plan. CLICK HERE for more information.


The Pre-Buy Program is a locked in price that does NOT go up and does NOT go down with market conditions. The pre-buy price that you contract for will be the price you pay per gallon for a specific amount of gallons during the program selection process. This program provides protection against dramatic increases in oil prices and is beneficial when market conditions are stable or rising dramatically. The Pre-Buy Program is not beneficial when the market prices decrease because your price will not go down. This program is the LOWEST priced program because it requires the customer to pay for all of the oil purchased before the heating season in one lump sum. There is NO enrollment fee associated with this program.

Signing up is easy!

Simply call your local Fred’s Energy office to sign up or to speak with someone who can help select the plan that best fits your needs, or fill out the form on this page and someone will contact you promptly.

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