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You’ve got a friend in Fred’s

You’ve Got a Friend in Fred’s!

Whether you are looking for heating oil, a propane refill, a plumber, a new heating or cooling system, a repair job, a kitchen or bath custom remodel, or 24-hour emergency service, you’ve got a friend in Fred’s! Your satisfaction is our number one priority, and it’s a privilege to serve you. As a result, we take your needs very seriously. Our friendly and dedicated team of over 80 licensed and experienced professionals are eager to help you get your project done efficiently, quickly, and at a competitive price. We have been doing this since 1973 – that’s 44 years! Accordingly, we’ve developed the insight and experience needed to get the work done correctly the first time.

In addition to doing the job right, we view each customer request as an opportunity to share our expertise in a friendly, constructive, positive, and cost-effective way. We have built our reputation upon that. Please think of us for all of your heating, cooling, and plumbing needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

Spring Special:

Spring Cleaning?

Don’t forget your heating system!

It’s crucial to have your heating system cleaned and serviced annually by a professional to prevent buildup and detect issues early on.

Why have your system cleaned annually?
    Not maintaining your system can void a manufacturer’s warranty
    Soot buildup in the heat exchanger reduces efficiency
    Cracks in the heat exchangers or flue pipes can give off carbon monoxide
    Igniters wear off and get dirty, causing delayed or no ignition
    Air filters could clog up and reduce air flow throughout the house.

And now we’re offering $20 off the cleaning of your heating system.

Call your local Fred’s Energy office today to schedule! Note: must be scheduled by 6/1/17 with cleaning completed by 7/31/17. If you have a maintenance contract, this is already included in your service.




"The serviceman was superior. His knowledge and skill as a plumber are the best I have ever seen in my 94 years."
Leon B. - Waterville, VT